Celtic Banner......BR 14

[Photo of Celtic Banner......BR 14]
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This design is my attempt to reach far back into our story of thread and fires and creativity long ago. When it was finished I thought it looked like a letter written with symbols from one heart to my heart.....we have written a sample story that goes with the images, but stitchers will create their own stories as the moments of their lives happen while this is stitched. Look for beads and feathers to add to your banner when it is finally finished. The alphabet was corrected so that no little one looks at what you are stitching and says, "Mommy, don't you know you forgot the 'J'?" My artistic license must be considered when you historians look for confirmation of my banner.

Caron Wildflowers (one strand) in Cedar and Black Forest are used for the border. Finish each stitch completely before moving on because this will show the change of the variegated threads.

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Our model is stitched on 29 count Glenshee Linen (2 over 2) from Scotland. The color is called "Cottonfields." Washing the Cottonfields, which is hand dyed, will result in the loss of some the antique texture. Finishing instructions are included in the pattern.

Stitch count

98 x 674

Design area

6 3/4" x 46 1/2"

For handling and finishing we ask that you add 4 inches for width and 10 inches for length. Start down 6 inches from the top so that it fits correctly on the fabric. The best way is to purchase a piece of Glenshee linen 11" x 1 5/8 yards long. If you want to buy a less expensive linen and antique it yourself, remember that on 32 count the design area will be 6 1/8" x 42 1/8", so you'll need a piece of fabric that's 10 1/8" x 1 1/2 yards.


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