The Bookmark Collection......TG 45

[Photo of The Bookmark Collection......TG 45]
Copyright © 1996 Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum

For many years, we released small bookmark designs. In response to the demand for these bookmarks that are generally no longer available, in 1996 we released a booklet containing not only reprints of these older small bookmark designs but other new designs as well.

These small designs are wonderful for teaching new stitchers or as quick projects. The booklet is a different shape than our usual charts, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, with multiple sturdy pages.

The closing above Marilyn's signature reads,
    May your needle always have wings
    and your threads never tangle

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The Bookmark Collection includes:

Reprints of:

  • Boys n' Berries
  • The Children's Corner
  • Country Garden
  • Country Quilter
  • Country Woman
  • Friendship Quilt
  • Grandma's Quilt
  • Just Friends
  • Katie's Eggs
  • Let Nature Sing
  • The Little People
  • Little Berries
  • Little Quilt
  • Mama's Song
  • Michael's Rabbit
  • The Promise
  • The Quilter
  • The Quilter II
  • Rachel's Swing
  • Sara's Friends
  • Settlers Quilt
  • Shepherd Boy
  • The Sisters' Quilt
  • Sweet Corn
  • Two Hearts

New designs:

  • Anna's Quilt
  • Grandpa's Stories

Plus a sampler:

  • The Maine Sampler

  • [Photo of Maine Sampler]
    Copyright © 1996 Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum
    A closer look...jpeg image


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