What is DMC 284Z?

One of the most frequent questions we hear from stitchers is: What is DMC 284Z and where do I find it?

284Z is a yellow gold metallic thread from DMC that comes on a large spool. When many of the older designs were created, this was the most widely available gold metallic thread. Some craft stores, needlework shops, and online shops still carry it.

However, we now have many more metallic choices. Mailyn's newer designs tend to call for Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braids. These are much easier to use. The 284Z probably matches PB01 most closely. Use two strands over two threads on 28 count or 32 count fabric or over one fabric square on 14 count or 16 count Aida. The Rainbow Gallery threads are available through needlework shops and online. If you search on Google for 'rainbow gallery treasure' you will find several sources.

Another option is to use Kreinik braid in either the #4 or #8 size. #4 in thinner. The 028 would be appropriate for 284Z. Many of the others would also work, and colors ending in HL will be shinier. You probably want to use two strands of #4 or one strand of #8. If you don't like the effect, try more or fewer strands.

For a few designs, Marilyn uses 282Z which is a light gold or 281Z which is a silver.
Light gold 282Z is like PB03 Petite Treasure Braid or Kreinik 002.
Silver 281Z is like PB04 Petite Treasure Braid or Kreinik 001.

You might also consider DMC's stranded metallic threads. These are often located above or below the regular floss. DMC has changed their names and numbers over the years.

Yellow gold DMC 284ZDMC 5284Precious metal Effects E3852Rainbow Gallery PB01Kreinik 028
Light gold DMC 282ZDMC 5282Precious metal Effects E3821Rainbow Gallery PB03Kreinik 002
Silver DMC 281ZDMC 5283Precious metal Effects E168Rainbow Gallery PB04Kreinik 001

There are so many metallic thread choices today. We hope you find one that pleases you.


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